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One way to avoid spam

We all get our fair share of Spam. One way to avoid spammers automated software that crawls the net is to disguise your address. The easiest thing to do is leave out the @ symbol and the full stop and

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Adding free pictures to a blog post

Photo by royskeane (CC) To make a blog post more appealing it always helps to add a picture. A great way to pretty up posts is to use Creative Commons. People add photos to Flickr and allow people use them,

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iTouch post

Test post published from my iTouch. There are some great applications available for download on iTunes. RememberThe Milk is a very useful list application. This post was published using a WordPress plugin. Its great for updating your blogs when you

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Review of Charleville Park Hotel

Charleville Park Hotel, limerick road, charleville, cork, ireland Funnily enough I haven’t been here yet! However The Charleville Park Hotel gets 5 stars for being so helpful during the week. I emailed the hotel to see if there was wireless

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Nokia shortcut

Here is a handy shortcut for everyone with a Nokia phone. If you are going into a meeting, going into Chapel or heading into the cinema, instead of finding your way through the menu to select the silent profile, simply

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Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

RSS is great. There is a perception that it’s complicated and its only used by techies but really it can be understood by the masses. Have a look at this video, RSS in Plain English; it explains it in a

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Broadband in your area

Here is a great resource, provided by the government to list all the broadband providers in your local area. Use the arrows on the map to pan to your location in Ireland and click the “Identify Providers” button to get

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Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya.

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father prepare to die Here are some clips from my favourite movie, The Princess Bride. Going to head out this weekend to get an autumnal picture for my banner above. Some

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