Website Development

This is what works for our customers.

Who and What? We start out with two questions. Who are your target audience? What do you want to say to them?

How? Once we have clear answers to these questions, our design and technology experts start work on building the website that’s right for your business.

You Like? We know that the first draft of any website requires a number of revisions before we have it just the way you require.

Let’s Launch. … Putting your website live is the easy bit. At this point we use our extensive expertise in SEO and Social Networking (see below) to ensure potential customers visit the site and keep coming back.

… and grow We stay abreast of emerging technologies and trends so you can rely on us to optimise your website as you grow into the future.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the cornerstone of success on the Web. No point having a wonderful site if nobody can find it. SEO ensures that your website will be found by your clients and customers. If your website is not optimized for key terms appropriate to your business you will not be found by potential clients! Professional SEO work can place you on Page 1 of Google.
Demain can undertake SEO work on existing websites or as part of the design process for a new web site. Our SEO skills will move your business up the search engine rankings. Remember, if you are not on the first or second page you are not being seen by vistually all of your potential clients from the web.

We have the expertise to help you attract and retain customers in the on-line marketplace. This service includes:

Search Engine Optimisation. SEO ensures that when potential customers go looking on Google for a product or service that you offer, then your website appears high up on the list of answers. We have extensive expertise in all the strategies required to move your website towards the top of that list and keep it there.

Social Networking. We can advise on and implement tools such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs, e-zines, mail-shots, polls and many more to ensure that you stay in touch with your customer base and grow revenues through your website.

Technical Project Management

There’s more to doing business on the internet than having a website. What portable device is best for your business? Which software packages can help me to grow? What do I need in a PC? What what about data security? We have the expertise and experience to develop and implement a strategy that gives you the maxium return for your IT spend.